Two forecasts for the current week: WRAL and Weather Underground.

Sun and Moon Data

Saturday, 1 April 2023

The Sun
  Begin civil twilight     6:36 am                 
  Sunrise                  7:01 am                
  Sun transit (overhead)   1:18 pm                 
  Sunset                   7:36 pm                 
  End civil twilight       8:02 pm                

The Moon (84.5% illumination)
  Moonrise                 --
  Moonset                  5:04 am
  Moonrise                 3:24 pm 
  Going to have a nice moon much of the night.

Sunday, 2 April 2023           

The Sun
  Begin civil twilight     6:34 am
  Sunrise                  7:00 am

The Moon           
  Moonset                  5:33 am 

Historical Rainfall and Temperatures

Average Rainfall
  March 2.3 inches
  April 1.6 inches
Average High/Low Temperatures
  March: 63°/39°F 
  April: 73°/48°F

The actual race-day temperatures (based on data from Wunderground):