Character and Philosophy of the Run

The Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run is designed to help new ultra runners make the leap from 50 mile runs to the more demanding 100 mile runs. It enables runners who have difficulty finishing 100 miles in 24 hours, or just finishing 100 miles at all, the opportunity to do so when severe topography, heat, and getting lost are removed as major obstacles. Many runners find the Umstead 100 an excellent foundation for the Massanutten 100, Western States 100, Leadville 100, and Wasatch 100 runs.

Time Limit

The run (100 miles or 50 miles) must be completed in 30 hours.

There is a cutoff time of 26 hours (8 am, Sunday) at the 87.5-mile point (the start of the last lap). Any runner who continues after that time/point is not guaranteed support.

Runner Requirements


Crews are welcome, but are not crucial for this race. There will be a voluntary crew briefing at Race Headquarters Saturday morning after the runners start (see the Race Schedule). Crew members are allowed at the start/finish at any time, but please respect the effort of all the runners and stay out of the way.

Crew members are allowed on the course to pace their runner either after 6 pm, Saturday, or at the start of lap 5, if started earlier than 6 pm, or as expressly permitted by the Race Director or Aid Station Captain.

Crew members may not use bicycles to accompany or crew runners on the course at any time. Doing so will result in a runner disqualification. There will be no crew or runner parking on the park access roads leading to or at Race Headquarters.

We like to think of the Umstead as a one-big-happy-family type event. Race crews are welcome to assist with the operation of the aid stations. We appreciate any assistance, just come on up and offer to help. Our only requirements are a smiling face and patience with our runners.

Drop Bags

Drop bags will be allowed at the Start/Finish and AS#2. At AS#2, please only use small or medium size bags, and no coolers.

Drop bags must be delivered to the Race Headquarters, on race day, no later than 5:40 am. They will be transported to AS#2 before the race starts.

At AS#2 Saturday evening at 6:30 pm, runner-designated drop bags (placed at the return location by the runner) will be moved from AS#2 and delivered to Race Headquarters no later than 7:00 pm.

All other drop bags will leave AS#2 at 10:00 am on Sunday for delivery to Race Headquarters no later than 10:30 am. Runners or crew may drive to AS#2 to retrieve drop bags (see parking at AS#2).

You may choose to use your vehicle, if convenient, for personal needs at headquarters (see parking at Camp Lapihio) or leave your primary drop bag in the headquarters building, immediately adjacent to the Start/Finish Aid Station.

To help make drop bag retrieval as efficient as possible, we ask that you label all drop bags with your race number prior to leaving it for transport to AS#2 and/or leaving it at Headquarters. Race Numbers will be available on the website no later than a week before race day. If you are unable to label your drop bag prior to coming to the race, white duct tape and markers will be available at registration on Friday and at the drop bag truck on Saturday morning.

Volunteer Pacers

The Race has a volunteer pacer program. These volunteer pacers are runners from the local area who will be available to runners who desire a pacer, but do not have a private pacer.

Volunteer pacers are assigned on a first-to-request basis as the runner enters the Headquarters Aid Station, and as they are available at that point in time.

The volunteer pacer program will be available to runners starting around 6 pm on Race night, continuing through the night and into Sunday morning. For the most part, these pacers are good for 1 or 2 laps with a very few being able to go 3 laps. You may request a second pacer, if available, if your pacer can not run additional laps.

In past years, the Race has been able to meet 75 to 90 percent of the request for pacers. Competitive runners desiring a volunteer pacer should coordinate such request with the RD at least 30 days prior to the Race.

We do not guarantee you a pacer. If you want a 100% guarantee, bring your own.

Access to the Park

On race Friday, the US 70/Glenwood Avenue Park gate will be opened at 8:00 am and closed at 8:00 pm. The gate will remain closed all night.

The next day, Saturday race day, the gate will be opened at 4:45 am.

Saturday night the gate will be closed at 8:00 pm. Thereafter, it will be opened for 15 minutes, every hour, on the hour.

Note that Park management, not Race management, controls access into and out of the Park.

Emergency access (the kind that usually involves an ambulance) will be available.

Crew members should be back in the Park prior to 8:00 pm or they will have to wait until the gate is opened on the interval schedule. Traffic is very congested on I-40, I-540, and US 70/Glenwood on Friday afternoons, so allow yourself plenty of time to get to the race registration, briefing, and dinner.

When you're tired and it's dark, it can take about 20 minutes to drive from Race HQ to the gate.

Google Map of the Umstead Park, Raleigh/Durham Airport, and Raleigh

Camp Lapihio

Race Headquarters, the Start/Finish, and Headquarters Aid Station (AS#1) will be located at Camp Lapihio Group Camp.

The Camp is accessed from the main Park gate off US 70 (Glenwood Avenue). The Camp consists of a mess hall, restrooms, showers, running water and 40 primitive cabins.

Google Map of the drive through the park to Camp Lapihio.

Here's a map: Camp Lapihio (and as a PDF).

Parking at Camp Lapihio

Parking will be scattered throughout the four satellite cabin groups at Camp Lapihio.

To facilitate parking on Saturday morning, one parking spot will be assigned to each runner based on race number and/or cabin assignment.

All non-runner vehicles may park at Power Line Parking at Camp Lapihio or at Camp Crabtree.

Our Parking Crew will greet you as you arrive at the Camp Lapihio gate and assign each runner a parking area based on race number or cabin assignment.

We strongly suggest that you find your location immediately so that you'll be familiar with it for Saturday morning (in the dark). The smoother parking goes Saturday morning, the better for everyone.

There is no runner, crew, or spectator parking adjacent to the race headquarters building or on the park access roads!

Aid Stations

Aid station #1 is at Camp Lapihio and, during inclement weather, is immediately inside the headquarters door. During good weather, the aid station is outside at the Start/Finish line. There is unlimited crew access at the start/finish.

Aid Station #2 (Chris' Ptomaine Tavern) is located on the old Crabtree Creek Bridge, at the 6.85 mile point of each loop. Access to AS #2 can be made by a 7-mile drive around the park or a 5.6-mile walk or bike trip along the course.

Unmanned, "water only," stations are available at the 0.6, 2.1, 3.4, 5.6, 8.7, 10.6 and 11.9 mile points of each loop (see the map). The 3.4/10.6 mile point, Water Point #1, will also have Gatorade and a food box with a limited number of items such as cookies, trail mix, candy bars and pretzels.

Latrines are available at all manned Aid Stations and Water Point #1.

Aid Station Stock

If you don't see it on the table, ask our staff. No request is too small!




Parking at Aid Station #2

Parking is severely limited at AS#2. We gently discourage crew members from visiting AS#2 unless support is absolutely necessary or to retrieve drop bags.

To visit AS#2, please park at Pilgrim Presbyterian Church on Ebenezer Church Road and walk the .25 mile to AS #2. Do not park at the Church after 8 am on Sunday as church members will need the spaces. Also, do not park at or near the Park gate on Ebenezer Church Road.

Crew members may not use bicycles to accompany or crew runners on the course at any time (penalty DQ). There will be no crew or runner parking on the park access roads leading to or at Race Headquarters.

Medical Checks

There will be no medical checks before, during, or after the race. Each entrant is responsible for knowing his or her own physical limitations.

We encourage each entrant to get a complete physical before participating in this race.

Please read our page on Your Health.

Rex Hospital is located 7 miles from the park's Glenwood Ave entrance and transportation will be supplied for those with serious problems. If, in the opinion of the Race Director or aid station captains, your physical or mental condition deteriorates to the point of endangering your safety, you will be withdrawn from the race.

Real-Time Race Results

At the end of each 12.5 mile loop, detailed splits will be available for each runner at the timer's tent that is located next to the Headquarters Aid Station.

In addition, we use a text-message service so that people can get updates whenever a runner that they're monitoring passes a timing checkpoint. In 2017 we sent 23,156 texts during the race to 1,420 different numbers and 210 area codes.

Post Race Activities

There is no awards ceremony. The 100-miler certificates and race statistics will be mailed out following the race.

50 Mile Option

The Umstead 100 is conducted primarily as a 100-mile event. However, for those who begin the race and finish at least 50 miles, we will report the 50-mile time to UltraRunning.

We will also present an acrylic triangle award to the first male and female 50 mile finishers. Individuals who finish the 100 are not eligible for the 50 mile awards.

A smaller (6") 50 Mile Acrylic Triangle Award can be purchased by 50-mile finishers. See the awards.

Friday Night Spaghetti Dinner

We offer a free, pre-race spaghetti dinner to all runners, one crewmember per runner, and race staff. Additional crew and/or visitors are invited for a five dollar donation, payable at Friday registration.

On your entry form please let us know if you intend to eat with us and how many will be eating.

The meal will be served at 6:00 pm in the race headquarters building. The meal's purpose is two fold: one, to encourage race camaraderie and, second, to provide a good meal for people staying in the cabins.

Experience has taught us that it's difficult to leave the race briefing at 6:00 pm to eat and be back by 8:00 pm when the park gate closes. If you are leaving the Park after the meal, be sure to be on your way to the gate by 7:45 pm.

Message from the Race Director

We at the North Carolina Ultra Running Association hope many members of the Ultra Community will come and give the race a try. We promise a good time, aid stations second-to-none, and a beautiful course. We are committed to making this a runner friendly event. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for improving this event.

Good luck and good running.
Rhonda Hampton
Race Director