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March 28, 2015

6:00 AM

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Umstead 100 Champion buckle/pendant

Umstead finisher buckle/pendant

Umstead finisher buckle/pendant - under 24 hours



Beginning with our 2004, Tenth Anniversary Race and for future races, the North Carolina Ultra Running Association will award official 100-mile finishers with either a beautiful distinctive belt buckle or a ladies silver pendant to commemorate their achievement. In order to keep our entry fee as low as possible, runners who have previously received a buckle or pendant and finish the race in subsequent years will not receive an additional buckle or pendant The Race will provide a runner with one buckle or pendant no matter how many finishes they may have in the future.  The exception to this rule is another buckle or pendant will be awarded if the runner finishes a future race and qualifies for a higher category award. Additional buckles or pendants may be purchased by any official finisher either at the Race or by mail.   

Runners who have completed the Race prior to 2004 may purchase a buckle or pendant. We regret that we cannot furnish our past finishers with a “free” buckle or pendant, but, the Race runs on a very narrow profit margin and we simply did not provide for a buckle or pendant in our previous entry fees. Finishes prior to 2004 do not count against this buckle/pendant policy, ie, you get a buckle or a pendant for your first finish after 2004.

The Umstead 100 Buckle is more expensive than many other races’ buckles. This is due to the high quality material used and the individual handcrafting of each buckle. We believe the difference in cost can be seen in the finished product. Likewise, the ladies pendant is of very high quality and is made of solid sterling silver or 10K solid gold for the champion pendant.


The Race will continue to provide all finishers with a finisher certificate suitable for framing and will continue to offer the acrylic triangle awards for purchase by finishers who desire them.

If you would like to purchase a belt buckle or ladies pendant, please use the belt buckle/pendant order form below or email Will Brown at  


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